PIAS teaser (made by bruce) for the compilation
teaser PIAS compilation

Poison, the video (1987)
Poison! video (1987)
Bang! the video (1989)
Bang! video (1989)
The Weathermen Live in Amsterdam (1989)
The Weathermen Live
(Amsterdam 1989)
Don't Drink & Drive live movie
Don't Drink & Drive
movie used for live performances
Punishment Park live movie
Punishment Park
movie used for live perfomances
Transit  live movie
Transit (2006)
movie used for live performances
broadband calls...

URGENCE DISCS a nice swiss record company (Deeper and Embedded)
WE ROCK LIKE CRAZY a cool german VINYL record company. They released the Daytime TV 12" EP and Dear God 12" EP
PIAS Play It Again Sam records
DSBP the US distributor, home of the radical Tommy T.
CD BABY another way to order the cds in the USA
COACH AND 6 two nice guys from Fargo, USA. And an interesting label and magazine
PETER MASTBOOM from BODY BEAT The Weathermen's agent
PRAEST 76 a Uber-cool Weathermen page
STEPHANE WERQUIN everything you need to know about Belgiand bands and more
ELECTRONIC OBSESSION electronic/analog stuff
GHOST & WRITER a band with Frank from Seabound and Jimmyoe
NILAIHAH records Ghost & Writer's home in the US
MAN-DELLO another Jimmyjoe project
CHRISTINA Z because that's her
TRENT KANIUGA a friend who does graphic art (also works at World Of Warcraft)
ERAN WESTWOOD one of the people behind the F242 Up Evil Cds. A cool and talented man
JULIANNE REGAN cos she is fab
GENE LOVES JEZEBEL cos this were intense times
MATT JOHNSON a great artist, a good laugh and a very decent man indeed
JIM THIRLWELL aka FOETUS just because he can
DENIS MOULIN aka LA MALICE good friend, good ears :)
FILE NOT FOUND cool band, they did some remixes for us
THE PAIN MACHINERY swedish iron :)
JENNY.EXE she did an exquisite remix of "Shadow Diaries
NAPSUGAR did some good remix work too on The Weathermen
ROTERSAND remixer of Ice Cream Truck
THIS FISH NEEDS A BIKE remixer of "Transit" for a WRLC 12" EP
PSYCHE Darrin Huss is one of the good man left in the genre
DJ GIO MC 505 a very cool italian DJ
T.E.T. an interesting german band
LA MUERTE a band that deserved more than what they got at the time: they were precursors.
MICHELLE FATALE JJS did the music for one of her films, Deadline
TIF FANCY immersive shoes and music collector ;)
JOLENE SIANA she wrote a book about her teen ages "Go Ask Ogre"
DOUGLAS COX a real cool US fan
MISS "L" a living encyclopedia when it comes to videogames
PAUL DOUGLAS a real artist in the flash coding departement. And a nice guy.
WMNF 85.5 FM watch out for the Dark Horizons program there !
CYBERAGE Tommy T's radical radio show
RADIO STRANGER internet radio from Nancy, France. They play kind of synth / minimal / cold and new wave, mostly from the late seventies and the beginning of the eighties to early Nineties.